Multipurpose and flexible equipment

EGNo_35EGNO is equipped with reactors and distillators adapted to development and production upscaling from Kilos to Tons.

In the lab, we use flasks ranging from 0.5 litres to 20 litres, while at industrial scale, we use versatile reactors from 50 litres to 2,000 litres in Glass Lined or Stainless Steel.

Moreover, we have a workshop dedicated to Fine Distillations with boilers from 30 to 300 litres with columns of 10-15 plates.


Esterifications EGNo_25

Complex esters is one original know-how of EGNO which has developed a large range of catalogue products, using a set of reactors dedicated to this products family


Versatile and flexible equipment

At EGNO, we are in position to handle very sensitive reagents such as:

  • Ammonia, with a dedicated incineration system
  • Metals highly reactive with water such as Lithium ou le Sodium
  • Reductive agents : Sodium Borohydride or Aluminium Hydride
  • Some raw materials like H2S allowing constructing some sulfureted compoundsEGNo_346